Sun Jan 21, 2018

We are asking for members of Worthing Youth Theatre, past or present, to sign our brand new guestbook using the simple form which you'll find right below this article.


Why not tell us what it is that you like about W.Y.T.; the things you particularly enjoy and those that you don't. If you are a past member why not share with us your fondest memories; the most interesting session that you ever took part in or maybe a performance where you thoroughly enjoyed stealing the limelight... go on get typing.


Yes we know that you can do this kind of thing on loads of Social Media sites but this is just for us. We are preserving the past, the present and the future and maybe your comments will offer prospective newcomers some insight into the fun, friendly atmosphere we create on Friday evenings. This will really help to ensure the continued success of "Our Youth Theatre"


Now sadly you don't have "carte-blanche" to post just any old nonsense here, we'll be moderating prior to publishing anything and reserve right to edit and delete as necessary! The limited data we have to collect, just to prove that you are a real person, will never be used for any purpose other than verifying the form and will be deleted right after publishing.


So why not give it go and don't be shy....



Amazing experience, i have met a lot of new people and done so many things that i simply would not be able to do elsewhere. I have gotten involved in not just acting but the technical side of productions as well as editing and filming for the yearly film productions.

If you enjoy drama and want people to have fun with, i encourage you to join. It makes friday evenings that much better, and gives a breath of fresh air to the end of every week. No two sessions are the same and the leaders are so enthusiastic.


Member for ten years pretty much right through the "eighties". Friday night was right up there as a highlight of my week. Playing "low" status to a slug has most definitely been a useful life skill mastered during WYT session introductions. Very Happy Days!

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